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A chatbot powered by Google is managing GM’s OnStar non-emergency calls.


General Motors has integrated Google’s AI chatbot for its road services. Today, the car manufacturer revealed its collaboration with Google Cloud’s Dialogflow for automating select non-urgent OnStar functions such as navigation assistance and call direction. The system is designed to identify emergency situations by recognizing specific keywords, and redirecting such calls to skilled personnel promptly. This has allowed OnStar Advisors to dedicate more attention to cases needing human interaction.

Since its inception in 2022, the OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant (IVA) has been powered by Google Cloud’s Dialogflow. This virtual voice system assists in answering standard customer inquiries, providing routing guidance, and offering step-by-step navigation directions. Both entities envision an extended partnership in the future. A joint statement expressed that the success of integrating Google Cloud’s AI with GM’s OnStar service could lead to more collaborative AI projects between them.

GM commends Google Cloud’s AI for enhancing OnStar’s capacity to accurately comprehend customer requests from the get-go. This system also appeals to customers, as they can bypass wait times, instantly interacting with an AI-driven bot that possesses a contemporary, natural voice tone. Reportedly, this virtual aid addresses over a million customer queries each month across the US and Canada. Vehicles from GM, manufactured from 2015 onwards and connected to OnStar, support the OnStar IVA.

It’s been rumored that GM might be looking into designing an assistant powered by ChatGPT for its vehicles, though the current status of such a venture remains uncertain.

GM’s executive vice president of software and services, Mike Abbott, emphasized the potential of generative AI to reshape in-vehicle user experiences and more. “Our method focused on software has expedited the creation of appealing services for our consumers while also optimizing GM’s operations. Our collaboration with Google Cloud exemplifies our dedication to revolutionizing the ways our customers interact with our offerings.”

Furthermore, the companies have shared that GM’s website also uses chatbots backed by Google’s Dialogflow technology. This mirrors the trend of companies using OpenAI-powered assistants, especially after the release of the ChatGPT API. GM’s online chatbots can engage in dialogues to clarify queries about GM cars and their specifications, drawing information from GM’s vast vehicle data archives.

Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud’s CEO, lauded GM for its innovative application of AI to enrich customer experiences. He expressed eagerness for a stronger alliance with GM, especially exploring the transformative potential of generative AI.

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