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AI Seinfeld Show Experiencing Serious Bugs


Twitch’s AI-generated “Nothing Forever” stream caused quite a commotion upon its launch back in February. However, being the internet, it didn’t take long before the stream’s Seinfeld-like main character started expressing offensive, anti-trans rhetoric, resulting in a ban from the streaming platform. Now, it has made a return, but it’s encountering some significant glitches that could potentially jeopardize the entire endeavor.

The trouble began on October 27 when viewers noticed that the characters ceased speaking and remained in complete silence for extended periods, as reported by Kotaku. Subsequently, an unusual orange character silently patrolled the apartment. Things took an even stranger turn on October 30 when 404 Media’s Jason Koebler shared a video depicting the two main characters repeatedly walking into each other, and this peculiar behavior persisted for several days.

The oddities continue as characters persist in sitting silently for extended periods, occasionally fixating on one another, aimlessly walking into walls, or engaging in peculiar arm-flailing antics for hours on end. These strange glitches, predictably, have driven up the viewer count. As of the current moment, the stream garners the attention of hundreds of concurrent viewers, a significant increase compared to the post-hiatus period following the hate speech incident.

Mismatch Media, the creators of the stream, have not responded to inquiries regarding these numerous and sometimes amusing errors. Following the anti-trans incident, they introduced significant changes to the stream, such as character substitutions and the removal of stand-up routine segments. Mismatch also implemented “secondary content moderation systems as redundancies.”

Despite being predominantly powered by AI, the stream likely demands a substantial amount of upkeep, and perhaps the creators have become less inclined to maintain it. The stream has been continuously running since December, but the “forever” aspect of “Nothing Forever” remains uncertain. It’s worth noting that the stream isn’t perpetually plagued by glitches; occasional moments of relatively normal conversation still occur.

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