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Dave Limp, Amazon’s Hardware VP, Announces Retirement After Nearly 14-Year Tenure

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Dave Limp, who holds the position of Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Amazon, has revealed his plans to retire from the tech giant. Limp has been a part of Amazon’s journey for almost 14 years, steering the company through its evolution in the realm of dedicated hardware devices. His leadership has witnessed the birth and expansion of products like the Kindle e-readers, Alexa-powered Echo speakers, and an assortment of Fire-branded devices, showcasing Amazon’s diverse product portfolio.

When probed about his decision, Limp remarked, “it’s time.” He reflected on his tenure, mentioning that even though he’s been affiliated with Amazon since 2010, his involvement in similar roles dates back even further. Limp’s expertise spans three decades, including stints at tech frontrunners like Apple and Palm. His idea of retirement doesn’t seem to encompass complete inactivity; he hinted in a blog post at future work engagements, albeit outside the consumer electronics realm. Within Amazon, Limp is expected to stay on board until a worthy successor is chosen to fill his shoes.

Analyzing Amazon’s recent past, the Devices and Services sector faced a significant workforce reduction last year. Reports from TechCrunch suggest that this division runs at an annual deficit nearing $5 billion. While some might correlate these events with Limp’s exit, it’s crucial to consider the broader context. Layoffs were not unique to the hardware segment but were a company-wide phenomenon last year, mirroring industry trends. Even with the reported losses, Amazon’s hardware reach remains vast. The company proudly announced the sale of a whopping 500 million Alexa-integrated devices. With Alexa constantly nudging users towards purchases, it raises questions about the broader financial implications and interconnected revenue channels spurred by these device sales.

Limp’s decision to step down isn’t an isolated event within Amazon’s leadership ranks, especially after Andy Jassy took the CEO mantle from Jeff Bezos two years prior. Other notable exits encompass Worldwide Consumer CEO Dave Clark, media and entertainment guru Jeff Blackburn, Amazon Web Services veteran Charlie Bell, global customer fulfillment head Alicia Boler Davis, and Jay Carney, the global corporate affairs lead and ex-Obama staffer.

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