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Apple Watch widgets coming to watchOS 10 on September 18


Apple’s watchOS 10 is a major update for the Apple Watch, and it includes a number of new features, including widgets. Widgets are small apps that can be placed on the watch face. They provide quick access to information and functionality from different apps. For example, you can add a widget for the weather, your calendar, or your fitness activity.

Widgets are a new way to interact with the Apple Watch. They are more convenient than having to open individual apps, and they can be customized to meet your needs. For example, you can choose the size and placement of widgets on your watch face, and you can also choose which widgets to display.

In addition to being more convenient, widgets can also be more informative than traditional watch face apps. For example, a weather widget could display the current temperature and forecast for your location, while a calendar widget could display your upcoming appointments.

Widgets are also more flexible than traditional watch face apps. For example, a fitness widget could display your current heart rate or the number of steps you have walked, and you could change the information that is displayed by tapping on the widget.

Overall, widgets are a welcome new feature for the Apple Watch. They make the watch more convenient to use and more informative. I am excited to see how people use widgets in their everyday lives.

Here are some additional thoughts on the new features in watchOS 10:

  • The two new watch faces, Palette and Woodstock and Snoopy, are both fun and colorful. Palette is a particularly interesting watch face, as it allows you to customize the colors and patterns to match your mood or style.
  • The corner shortcuts for the Activity app are a great way to quickly access your fitness information and goals.
  • The automatic logging of your last cellular connection in the Compass app is a useful safety feature. It could help you to find your way back to a safe place if you get lost in the wilderness.

Overall, watchOS 10 is a significant update for the Apple Watch. It includes a number of new features that make the watch more convenient, informative, and versatile. I am excited to try watchOS 10 and see how it improves the Apple Watch experience.

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