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Big Screen Bingeing Unlocked! TikTok Revamps App for Tablets & Foldables


TikTok has introduced an update that allows users to scroll their “For You page” on larger screens and foldable devices on big screen. This update extends TikTok’s reach beyond traditional mobile devices to platforms like the iPad and various foldable Android phones. The platform aims to provide a clear video feed with enhanced clarity on these larger screens.

The update includes a navigation bar at the top and bottom of screens streaming TikTok videos, facilitating easier access to tabs and featured videos. Users can now watch clips in landscape orientation, offering new opportunities for video creators to generate content in a horizontal format, departing from the platform’s traditional vertical-only approach.

TikTok plans to continue experimenting with features such as Topic Feeds, enabling users to explore videos in specific categories like gaming, food, or fashion on big screen. The platform has also been quietly testing an AI-powered chatbot that recommends videos to users, showcasing its commitment to innovation in content delivery. As the leading app for short-form videos, TikTok’s efforts to explore unique ways of presenting content aim to distinguish itself from competitors in the space, including Instagram’s Reels and YouTube Shorts. The push towards Topic Feeds reflects TikTok’s recognition of the evolving preferences of its users, who seek more personalized and curated content experiences. By facilitating exploration within designated categories, TikTok aspires to make the discovery process more seamless, encouraging users to delve deeper into their areas of interest and fostering a sense of community around shared passions.

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