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Capture Your Year in Music with YouTube Music’s Personalized Album Art

YouTube Music

YouTube Music users, who have witnessed their friends on Spotify and Apple Music share their annual listening stats, can now join the trend. The YouTube Music Recap is now available, accessible from the 2023 Recap page within the app. Users can explore their top artists, songs, moods, genres, albums, playlists, and more from the year 2023. Additionally, the Recap can be viewed in the main YouTube app, offering several new features for the year.

In a new addition for 2023, users can incorporate custom album art. YouTube will generate this artwork using data from the user’s top song, moods of the year, and their energy score. The platform will blend colors, vibes, and visuals to craft a representation of the user’s musical journey throughout the year.

YouTube Music

YouTube introduces an additional feature that aligns your mood with your top songs of the year. This entails revealing the percentages of songs categorized as upbeat, fun, dancey, or chill that you listened to. As a final touch, users can utilize snaps from Google Photos to craft a personalized visual encapsulating their year in music, and potentially, their year in travel as well.

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