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ChatGPT experienced an outage lasting over 90 minutes due to a significant disruption in the OpenAI API.


The highly popular ChatGPT service from OpenAI experienced a disruption, rendering it non-functional for its 100 million weekly active users. The outage occurred shortly before 9 AM ET, prompting OpenAI to acknowledge the issue, revealing its impact on the company’s API services as well. Fortunately, the service was reinstated around 10:50 AM ET.

During the outage, users attempting to access ChatGPT were met with a warning message indicating that the platform was currently “at capacity.” OpenAI issued an error report, identifying an issue causing elevated error rates across the API and ChatGPT, with active efforts toward remediation. The entire outage spanned approximately two hours.

There was also a partial outage affecting the services for a few hours the previous night, although it did not affect all users. Notably, OpenAI’s chatbot platform had experienced minimal operational issues until this recent event. Despite this, the service has consistently grown, reaching a milestone of 100 million weekly users without significant disruptions. On the API side, there are over 2 million developers actively engaged.

OpenAI continues to make notable announcements, hinting at the development of customizable AI bots accessible to everyone. Additionally, the company is exploring the prospect of creating its own chips to enhance the capabilities of the service.

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