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Discord’s Experimental Chatbot Faces Uncertain Future


Discord is discontinuing its AI chatbot, Clyde, less than a year after its initial introduction. The support page for Clyde has been updated with a notice informing users that the bot will be deactivated by the end of this month. Initially described as an experimental feature, Clyde was powered by OpenAI technology, and Discord introduced it back in March.

As per the notice, “By December 1, 2023, users will no longer be able to invoke Clyde in DMs, Group DMs, or server chats.” Clyde was designed to function as an AI helper accessible directly within the server, allowing users to engage in conversations for both utility and entertainment purposes. Users could request Clyde to play games or share jokes. However, the bot did not seem to have a universal rollout, and some users reported not gaining access to it. Additionally, screenshots shared on the Discord subreddit revealed instances where Clyde could be prompted to generate inappropriate language.

Regardless of the reason behind its discontinuation, Clyde will cease to be available from December. In the past year, alongside Clyde’s release, Discord introduced other AI features, including moderation tools, conversation summaries, and avatar editing.

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