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Donkey Kong Country Expansion Arrives at Super Nintendo World in Japan

Universal Studios

Super Nintendo World Japan is set to become an even more sought-after destination for fans, as Universal Studios has disclosed plans to open a Donkey Kong Country section in Spring 2024. While Nintendo and Universal, the host of the theme park in Osaka, have yet to unveil actual footage of the new zone, they chose to announce it through an animated trailer.

The highlight of the upcoming area is likely to be the Mine Cart Madness ride, named after the iconic level from the 1994 SNES game Donkey Kong Country. Upon being launched from a barrel cannon, visitors will embark on a thrilling mine cart journey through the jungle, featuring moments such as a daring “leap across a collapsed track.”

Universal Studios has announced that visitors will have the opportunity to engage in a play experience that encourages the use of their entire body. Naturally, the Donkey Kong Country section will also feature a variety of food and merchandise options.

Nintendo officially confirmed in 2021 that the construction of the Donkey Kong Country area was underway at Universal Studios Japan. This expansion is expected to increase the overall size of Super Nintendo World by 70 percent. The public will have access to the new area two years after the initial exploration of the first Mushroom Kingdom-themed zone. In contrast, the Orlando version of Super Nintendo World is anticipated to open in 2025.

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