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Game On! Google Opens Play Store to More Real-Money Action

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Before the year concludes, there could be a notable increase in the availability of real-money gaming (RMG) apps on the Google Play Store, particularly in specific regions. In 2021, Google began allowing apps dealing with real money on its platform, but only if they fell under regulated game types. The recent announcement reveals that Google is adjusting its rules to permit more “game types and operators not covered by an existing licensing framework.” This means that the Play Store will now host games that may not be widely popular or played enough for local governments to establish specific regulations around them.

Google conducted pilot programs globally since 2021 to assess how it could support a broader range of real-money game operators and game types. Notably, pilot tests in India involved apps offering Rummy card games and Daily Fantasy Sports. The new policy will come into effect in India, Mexico, and Brazil starting June 30. Following this, operators from pilot programs can release their current applications, as well as other types of real-money gaming apps, like any other developer, provided they comply with local laws.

While Google plans to expand the availability of RMG apps in other regions in the future, it asserts that age requirements for accessing these games will remain in place. Developers must still implement geo-fencing to ensure their products are only accessible where they are legal. Google also mentioned an evolution in its service fee model for real-money gaming apps to support the Android and Play ecosystems, indicating a potential change in its approach to revenue sharing with developers. Currently, RMG apps cannot use Google Play billing, but this could change as Google explores ways to sustain its ecosystem.

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