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Google Keep Introduces Version History Feature

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Google Keep, the note-taking application by Google, has introduced a much-anticipated feature, though it might not be as comprehensive as some users had hoped. The new version history feature promises to provide a safety net for users who may have inadvertently deleted essential text.

As per the official support documentation, users will now have the option to download a text file that displays previous versions of their notes and lists. This feature is in the process of being rolled out, so some users might not see it immediately. For those who do have access, it can be found on the Keep web platform by selecting the three-dot menu located at the bottom of a specific note.

However, as noted by Android Police, there are some restrictions. The version history is currently restricted to the web interface, meaning users on Android or iOS apps won’t have this capability yet. Additionally, this new feature doesn’t support images, so any deleted photos from notes cannot be retrieved via version history.

It’s surprising that Google took this long to introduce such a fundamental feature in Keep, especially considering that tools like Google Drive have had similar functionalities for years. The feature’s implementation has also raised eyebrows. Unlike applications such as Docs, where users can directly revert to a prior version within the app, in Keep, users need to download a separate file and manually reintegrate the text. Despite its limitations, this new feature is a positive development for Google Keep.


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