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Google Workspace file lock prevents colleagues from editing your documents


Google Workspace’s new file lock feature prevents colleagues from editing your documents

Google Workspace users are getting a new feature that will allow them to lock their Google Drive files, preventing colleagues from editing them. This feature is especially useful for companies that use and share a lot of publicly viewable documents.

To lock a document, users simply need to right-click on the file and select “File Information” > “Lock.” The document will then be put in read-only mode, meaning that viewers cannot edit, comment, or leave suggestions on it. The document will remain in this read-only mode until unlocked by its owner.

The file lock feature is rolling out to Rapid Release domains now and will be available to Scheduled Release domains on September 20th.

Here are some additional thoughts on the new file lock feature:

  • This feature could help to reduce unwanted changes to documents, especially when they are shared with multiple team members.
  • This feature could also be helpful for preventing accidental edits to important documents.
  • This feature is easy to use and implement.
  • This feature is a welcome addition for Google Workspace users, especially those who work on teams with multiple users.

Overall, the new file lock feature is a positive addition to Google Workspace. It is a simple and effective way to protect documents from unwanted changes.

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