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Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Sees First Major Price Drop!

Major Price Cut Alert: Google’s Pixel Tablet and Its Case Bundle Now On Sale! If the Google Pixel Tablet has been on your wishlist but the price was a deterrent, today’s your day. The cutting-edge tablet is experiencing its inaugural significant sale, with the 128GB variant slashed from $499 to a tempting $439, marking a 12% dip. For those seeking more storage, the 256GB version is now priced at $519, down from its original $599, a neat 13% off. Having made its debut in June, the Google Pixel Tablet managed an impressive score of 85 in our assessment. Its accompanying charging speaker dock and its intuitive smart home integrations, particularly its adaptable screen brightness, stood out.

Powered by the exclusive Google Tensor G2 chip, the tablet promises an average battery span of 11 hours. With an 11-inch display boasting a 2560×1600 resolution, expect top-notch visuals, whether for video chats or binge-watching via Chromecast. A word of caution for video call enthusiasts: the Pixel Tablet’s camera angle is less than ideal, with auto-framing enhancing it marginally, and is exclusively tailored for Google Teams.

For the accident-prone among us, Google’s Pixel Tablet bundle deal might be an attractive option, combining the tablet with a protective case. The 128GB variant paired with a case is now available for $519, down from its earlier $578 – a solid 10% off. Simultaneously, the 256GB bundle sees an 11% cut, moving from $678 to an enticing $598. The protective cases, in hues matching the tablet (choices include Hazel, Porcelain, or Rose), are designed for seamless integration with the charging dock, eliminating the need for constant removal.

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