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Humane AI Pin Gets $699 Price Tag, Early 2024 Release Date


Humane AI, a highly anticipated startup established by former Apple employees, has been gradually revealing details about its upcoming product, the AI Pin, over the past few months. Initially showcased at a TED Talk in May and later demonstrated at Paris Fashion Week, the device is set to be officially unveiled on Thursday. Despite these glimpses, many questions remain unanswered regarding the practical workings of wearable AI.

What we do know is that Humane is the brainchild of former Apple employees, and its inaugural product, the Humane AI Pin, is a pocket-worn wearable AI assistant. It claims to perform tasks akin to modern cellphones and digital assistants but adopts a markedly distinct form factor. Straying from traditional screens, the device purportedly operates primarily through voice commands, occasionally utilizing a virtual screen projected onto the user’s hand. Priced at $700, the AI Pin requires an additional $24 for Humane’s proprietary MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) service, layered atop T-Mobile’s network. This monthly “Humane Subscription” encompasses a dedicated cell phone number for the Pin, featuring unlimited talk, text, and data, rather than relying on the device to tether to an existing phone.

Humane AI

The device will be offered in three colors—Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar—starting early 2024 when orders commence shipping. Its magnetic clip, serving as both the battery storage and attachment mechanism to clothing, includes a pair of backup batteries for user convenience. Featuring an ultra-wide RGB camera, depth sensors, and motion sensors, the AI Pin is designed to “see the world as you see it,” according to the company’s release.

Running on a Snapdragon processor with a dedicated Qualcomm AI Engine, the AI Pin operates on its custom Cosmos OS. Introducing an “entirely new AI software framework, the Ai Bus,” the device eliminates the need to download content directly, swiftly comprehending user needs and connecting to the right AI experience or service instantly. Collaborations with Microsoft and OpenAI reportedly provide the AI Pin with “access to some of the world’s most powerful AI models and platforms.”

Despite these details, several aspects of the AI Pin remain undisclosed, including the duration of each battery module and the sensitivity of the system’s anti-tamper feature designed to secure a “compromised” device. Live demonstrations have been scarce, and hands-on opportunities have been almost non-existent. Humane is set to host a debut event on Thursday afternoon, where functional iterations of the AI Pin are expected to be showcased.

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