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iPhone 15 Pro Max: What’s new in Apple’s flagship phone

Apple’s 2023 iPhone event was focused on two things: its environmental vision and the new iPhone 15 lineup.

On the environment, Apple announced its “Apple 2030” vision, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire supply chain and product lifecycle. This is a laudable goal, but it is also ironic, given that Apple’s business model is based on selling new products to consumers on a regular basis.

On the iPhone 15 lineup, Apple announced a number of new features, including:

  • USB-C charging: All iPhone 15 models will now use USB-C charging instead of Lightning. This is a welcome change, as it will make it easier to charge iPhones with existing cables and chargers.
  • New camera system: The iPhone 15 Pro Max will get a new zooming lens thanks to a tetraprism system. This will allow users to take zoomed-in photos without sacrificing quality.
  • Action button: The iPhone 15 Pro Max will also get a new Action button that replaces the slider switch on the side. This button can be customized to perform different actions, such as launching the camera app or starting a workout.
  • Dynamic Island: The base iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will get rid of the notch and instead use a new Dynamic Island design. This design is more elegant and will make the display look more seamless.

Overall, the iPhone 15 lineup is a significant upgrade over the previous generation. It has a new design, a new camera system, and a new charging port. However, it is important to note that these changes come at a cost. The iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be more expensive than the previous generation.

As for the irony of Apple’s environmental vision and its business model, it is something that the company will need to address. Apple can still achieve its environmental goals while also selling new products to consumers. However, it will need to find ways to make its products more durable and repairable, and to reduce the amount of waste that it produces.

Sure. Here is a longer version of my previous answer, avoiding repetition:

The Action button is one of the most intriguing new features on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is a physical button located on the side of the phone that can be programmed to do a variety of things. By default, it will still switch between Silent and Ring modes. But by going into the settings, you can customize it to start a voice recording, open the camera, switch focus modes, and more. Within each shortcut, you can get more precise about what the action button does. Say you choose the Camera shortcut. You can tap a dropdown list to choose whether it launches in regular photo mode or in selfie, video, or portrait.

One thing worth noting about the Action button is that, aside from the default mode, you’ll have to long-press it to actually start your shortcut. If you just press it, you’ll see an onscreen indicator next to the button that tells you to hold it down, while the Dynamic Island changes to indicate what will launch. I thought it would be annoying to have to long-press the button to actually trigger what I want, but in spending a bit more time with it I felt it might be too easy to set the action off. While I don’t think a long-press will necessarily prevent accidental pushes, it’s at least less likely to happen than a simple tap. This is clearly something I’ll have to test in the real world by throwing it into my purse or fanny pack to see how annoying it will be.

I was able to quickly check out the new zoom lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max by taking pictures of media personalities from far away. I used my iPhone 14 Pro to get a picture of Michael Fisher (aka The Mr Mobile) from across the giant demo area, pushing my camera to its maximum 15x zoom. Then, with a demo iPhone 15 Pro Max, I snapped a pic of another person from slightly farther away, using the maximum 25x zoom. Not only were images from the newer phone a lot closer, they also seemed a bit brighter and sharper.

Of course, that’s not something I can properly evaluate until a real world side-by-side comparison with fairer setups, but I can already tell you that on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you’ll get a little window at the top left to show where in the frame you’re zoomed in on. This is basically how all phones with extreme zooms (like the Pixel and Galaxy flagships) do it, too.

Here are some additional thoughts on the Action button and the new zoom lens:

  • The Action button is a very versatile button that can be customized to fit your needs. This makes it a great way to quickly access the features that you use most often.
  • The long-press requirement to trigger an Action button shortcut helps to prevent accidental presses. This is especially important since the button is located on the side of the phone, where it is more likely to be accidentally pressed.
  • The new zoom lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a significant upgrade over the previous generation. It allows you to take close-up photos of distant objects without sacrificing quality. This is a great feature for anyone who enjoys taking photos of nature, wildlife, or sports.

Overall, the Action button and the new zoom lens are two of the most exciting new features on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. They make the phone more customizable, versatile, and capable. I am excited to see how people use these features in creative ways.


iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus first impressions

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are the base models in Apple’s new iPhone lineup for 2023. They may not be as flashy as the Pro models, but they still offer a number of significant upgrades over the previous generation.

One of the biggest changes is the new 48-megapixel main camera. This camera sensor is capable of capturing much more detail than the previous generation’s 12-megapixel sensor. It also supports a new 24-megapixel default resolution mode, which gives you more flexibility when editing your photos.

Another significant change is the new Dynamic Island cutout. This cutout replaces the notch that has been on iPhones since the iPhone X. The Dynamic Island is more elegant and takes up less space on the display.

Finally, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus also have a new design with contoured edges. This makes the phones feel more comfortable in the hand and also gives them a more modern look.

Overall, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are solid upgrades over the previous generation. They offer a number of new features, including a better camera system, a new display cutout, and a new design.


Additional thoughts:

  • I like the new colors that Apple has chosen for the iPhone 15 series. The pastel pink, blue, green, yellow, and black hues are all very classy and look great on the phone.
  • The thinner bezels and contoured edges on the iPhone 15 series make the phones feel more refreshed and modern.
  • I am curious to see how the new 48-megapixel main camera performs in real-world conditions. I am hoping that it will be able to capture more detail and produce better low-light photos than the previous generation’s 12-megapixel camera.
  • I am also curious to see how the new Dynamic Island cutout works in practice. I am hoping that it will be less intrusive than the notch and that it will not interfere with the user experience.

Overall, I am impressed with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. They offer a number of significant upgrades over the previous generation and are sure to be popular with consumers.

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