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Killer Instinct Unleashes Free-to-Play Fury on Xbox and Steam

Iron Galaxy Studios/Xbox Games Studios

A decade after the exclusive Xbox One debut of the Killer Instinct reboot, players will soon have the chance to experience the thrill of combo breakers without any cost. The third installment in the fighting game series is transitioning to a free-to-play model. This base version offers one free weekly rotating fighter and grants access to single-player, local, and ranked modes. It will be available across all platforms supporting Killer Instinct: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

For enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive experience, developer Iron Galaxy introduces the Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition at $30. This package encompasses all 29 fighters, premium game content, an XP booster, holiday accessories, and more. Notably, the Anniversary Edition will replace the Definitive Edition on Xbox consoles and PC (accessible through the Xbox app or Microsoft Store).

It’s worth mentioning that the Anniversary Edition will omit certain mature-rated content, including an app featuring developer interviews and concept art, as well as access to the original two Killer Instinct games. However, owners of a digital Definitive Edition copy can still download this content following Iron Galaxy’s transition away from that version of the game.

Simultaneously, those who own any edition of Killer Instinct on Steam will receive a complimentary upgrade to the Anniversary Edition. With this transformation, Iron Galaxy will cease the individual sale of fighters. To unlock the complete roster, players will need to invest in the Anniversary Edition or access Killer Instinct through Game Pass, considering its status as a Microsoft-published game. It’s important to note that all previously purchased content will remain accessible.

Although Iron Galaxy did not provide a specific release date for the Anniversary Edition or the initiation of the free-to-play model, the studio assures users that it is in the final testing phase leading up to the transition. While Killer Instinct may not have been at the forefront of your thoughts recently, the current resurgence in the fighting game genre makes this an opportune time to dive back into the experience.

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