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Microsoft Launches Spare Parts for Xbox Controllers

Paying a hefty price for a new gaming controller every time a button jams or the joystick drifts can be frustrating. Recognizing this, Microsoft is pioneering a move towards sustainability and cost-effectiveness by offering Xbox gamers the option to buy replacement parts for their gamepads. This initiative, available for both the standard Xbox Wireless Controller and the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller, includes an array of spare parts like sticks, buttons, boards, and covers.

In a world where the previous norm was discarding faulty gamepads or resorting to untrustworthy third-party fixes, this step from Microsoft is a game-changer. With parts priced between $24 for a set of buttons and $60 for a combined circuit board and motor assembly, gamers can now fix common issues like stick drifts or unresponsive buttons without breaking the bank. For those looking for aesthetics, the replacement casings are currently available in classic black and white.

Brad Rossetti, the product lead, has confirmed that the program is already operational. Additionally, with reputed third-party companies like iFixit also offering these parts, the future of self-repair in gaming seems bright.

In the broader context, while Sony provides replacement stick modules with its DualSense Edge controller, it doesn’t have an extensive online parts store. Nintendo, on the other hand, offers free repairs for the infamous Joy-Con drift issue but doesn’t sell individual repair components. Microsoft’s move might just set a new trend in the gaming industry.

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