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Pixel Fold’s dual-screen interpreter rolls out, making real-time translation easier than ever


During its Made by Google event, Google unveiled several new features for its Pixel devices, including the Pixel Fold’s dual-screen interpreter mode. This innovative translation feature leverages the phone’s folding display to facilitate real-time translations in face-to-face conversations between individuals who speak different languages.

The dual-screen interpreter mode utilizes the Pixel Fold’s inner and outer screens, enabling two people to communicate seamlessly while seeing the translated words on their respective screens. For example, the Pixel Fold user holds the device and views the other person’s live-translated text on the inner screen, while the other person sees the Pixel owner’s spoken words translated on the outer display.

This approach eliminates the typical back-and-forth that occurs when individuals have to share a single screen for translation, offering a more efficient and natural conversation experience. It’s seen as one of the advantages of foldable phones, providing features that are not easily replicated on traditional non-folding devices.


Google has announced a series of updates for its Pixel Tablet and other Pixel devices. These updates aim to enhance the user experience across a range of areas:

1. Kids Space: The Pixel Tablet’s child-friendly mode, Kids Space, has received improvements with a new navigation bar. This streamlined interface makes it easier for children to switch between apps and navigate to the home screen, enhancing the tablet’s educational and entertainment value for young users.

2. Google Assistant in Hub Mode: Pixel Tablet owners can now use Google Assistant to play podcasts and news without the need to unlock the device while it’s in Hub Mode. This makes it more convenient to access audio content when the tablet is docked.

3. Camera Interface: Google is introducing a new camera interface for Pixel devices, making it simpler to explore and utilize the camera’s features for both photos and videos.

4. Android 14 Features: The Android 14 update brings new clock and wallpaper collections, along with the ability to customize lock screen quick actions. Additionally, Google is introducing new monochromatic themes that can be used with Google apps via the Material You dynamic color system.

These updates will roll out to the Pixel Tablet and older Pixel phone models (Pixel 5 / 5a and 4a) starting immediately. However, owners of newer devices, such as the Pixel 7 series, Pixel 6 series, and Pixel Fold, may need to wait for a few weeks before receiving these updates. These updates aim to improve the functionality and user experience of Google’s Pixel devices.


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