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Samsung Unveils Gauss A Generative AI that nobody asked for


Samsung has entered the realm of generative AI, unveiling its own model named Gauss, developed by Samsung Research. Gauss is set to power various on-device AI technologies, with potential applications in translations, document summarization, email writing (Samsung Gauss Language), coding assistance (Samsung Gauss Code), and generative image creation, including edits like style changes and enhancements (Samsung Gauss Image). While currently utilized by Samsung employees to enhance productivity internally, the company plans to release Gauss to the public “in the near future.” There are indications that Gauss may be incorporated into upcoming Galaxy S24 devices, expected to debut early next year.

Running generative AI features on-device could provide Samsung with a competitive advantage over cloud-dependent alternatives like ChatGPT. Qualcomm’s recent announcement of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, supporting on-device generative AI operations, is likely to be employed in Galaxy S24 phones. Google’s Tensor 3, used in Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, also handles certain generative AI tasks on-device.

Samsung emphasizes its commitment to “safe AI usage,” with an AI Red Team focusing on AI ethics principles to address potential privacy and security concerns, including data collection and the output of the generative AI model. The company acknowledges the challenges in AI model development and service deployment.

Despite alternatives, Samsung continues to carve its unique path, evident in its previous efforts like Bixby and the Chromium-based Samsung Internet Browser. The generative AI technology is designed to operate discreetly in the background, minimizing overt Samsung branding. However, questions may arise from shareholders about Samsung’s investment in proprietary generative AI tech amid available alternatives, given recent financial results.

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