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Say Goodbye to Sample Hunting AI Dreams Up Custom Sound Effects and Melodies


Output, a software company specializing in music creation, has recently introduced an AI tool designed to generate free sample packs based on text prompts. These packs consist of 30 royalty-free samples that can seamlessly integrate into various digital audio workstations (DAWs), including Logic Pro, Ableton, Pro Tools, and others.

The algorithm employed by the tool combines and re-synthesizes existing samples to produce novel sounds that align with the given text prompt. The primary goal is to assist music creators in maintaining a swift workflow, eliminating the need for extensive searches to find the perfect sample that complements the track’s vibe. Instead, users can simply input prompts like “moody sounds for a rainy day” and let the AI assistant handle the rest. Additionally, users have the flexibility to request sounds related to specific events or samples inspired by particular artists or genres.

The tool also accommodates more detailed prompts, such as requesting the generation of samples in a specific key and tempo. Currently in beta, Pack Generator can be accessed through a browser-based portal. This marks the inaugural tool in Output’s Co-Producer suite of generative AI products, with the company promising additional releases throughout 2024.

A distinctive feature of this tool is its exclusive training on Output’s in-house sample library, distinguishing it from most AI products that draw from actual working artists. Importantly, Pack Generator is not designed to replace artists; instead, it focuses on creating sample packs. While the practical utility of these AI-generated samples in real-world productions remains to be seen, the tool is readily available for use, providing an opportunity for users to explore its capabilities.

Having been a significant presence in the samples space for nearly a decade, Output is known for its meticulously crafted and clean sound packs. The company’s popular product, Arcade, enables users to manipulate samples to craft unique soundscapes.

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