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Smarter Than Ever: Android Gets a Major AI Upgrade with Gemini


Google is extending Gemini, its recently introduced large language model, to Android, starting with the Pixel 8 Pro. The flagship smartphone will run Gemini Nano, a version of the model tailored for local operation on smaller devices, as outlined in a Google blog post. Empowered by the Google Tensor G3 chip optimized for AI performance, the Pixel 8 Pro gains additional intelligence in its existing functionalities.

For instance, the phone’s Recorder app features a Summarize capability that traditionally requires a network connection for providing summaries of recorded conversations, interviews, and presentations. With Gemini Nano, the phone can now deliver summaries independently, without relying on a network connection.

Gemini’s capabilities will also enhance Gboard’s Smart Reply feature. Gboard will propose high-quality responses to messages and demonstrate an awareness of contextual nuances in conversations. While the feature is currently in developer preview and requires activation in settings, it is currently compatible only with WhatsApp and is slated to expand to more apps in the coming year.

“Designed to operate on Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini Nano presents several advantages, including preventing sensitive data from leaving the phone and enabling the use of features without a network connection,” stated Brian Rakowski, Vice President of Product Management for Google Pixel.

As part of today’s emphasis on AI, Google is enhancing Bard, the company’s counterpart to ChatGPT, with Gemini. Users can expect notable improvements when interacting with the Pixel’s Assistant paired with Bard. Additionally, Google is introducing several AI-driven updates related to productivity and customization on various Pixel devices, such as the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Watch, although specific details are not immediately available.


Gemini Nano stands as the most compact iteration of Google’s extensive language model, whereas Gemini Pro, a larger model, will not only drive Bard but also various other Google services such as Search, Ads, and Chrome, among others. The most robust model, Gemini Ultra, is slated for a 2024 release and will contribute to advancing AI development.

While the current updates are centered on the Pixel 8 Pro, Google introduced AI Core during the announcement—an Android 14 service enabling developers to leverage AI features akin to Nano. Google emphasizes that AI Core is tailored to operate on “new ML hardware like the latest Google Tensor TPU and NPUs in flagship Qualcomm Technologies, Samsung S.LSI, and MediaTek silicon.” The company also teases that “additional devices and silicon partners will be announced in the coming months.”

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