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Tech Lovers Rejoice: Echo Show 5 & Smart Bulb Bundle – $40


If you’ve been considering purchasing or gifting a new Echo device this holiday season, here’s a quick heads-up: Several of Amazon’s smart speakers and displays are currently discounted at the lowest prices we’ve seen, and many come with the option to bundle a Sengled smart light bulb at no additional cost. For instance, a bundle for the Echo Show 5 is now priced at $40, and an Echo Dot bundle is available for $23. Furthermore, the latest Echo Show 8 is at its lowest price of $105, although without any additional items. The full-size Echo bundle is also $40 off at $60, although slightly higher than its lowest historical price. These deals have been available since around Black Friday, and although they have been ongoing, they still present a great opportunity to save.

In our guide to the best smart speakers, we recommend both the Echo and Echo Dot. Similarly, our guide to the best smart displays highlights the 8-inch Echo Show 8 and the 5.5-inch Echo Show 5 as top picks. Opting for the higher-end model in each pair is advisable. The Echo delivers a notably fuller sound compared to the Echo Dot, and the Echo Show 8 boasts a superior display, richer speakers, and a sharper camera compared to the Echo Show 5. However, the Echo Dot, despite its smaller size, performs well and offers good value for those exploring the utility of an Alexa speaker. The Echo Show 5, on the other hand, serves well on a bedside table, functioning as a smart alarm clock.

While Amazon’s Alexa assistant has its shortcomings and all Alexa-based devices raise inherent security and privacy concerns, they generally work well for simpler requests and hands-free control of compatible smart home devices. The accompanying Sengled bulb is a straightforward color model, compatible with the new Matter standard, and typically priced at around $20 independently.

For those seeking the most budget-friendly Echo speaker, the Echo Pop is currently available for $17, inclusive of the same smart bulb. However, for slightly more, the Echo Dot offers superior sound quality, making it a better choice for most users. The Echo Dot with Clock, featuring an LED display for time and basic information, is priced at $40, which is $10 more than its lowest tracked price but may be worth considering. On the smart display side, the Echo Show 10 is discounted by $80, now priced at $170, though our review suggests that its auto-rotating display adds little extra value compared to the Echo Show 8.

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