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The DJ Booth Gets Smart: djay Pro 5 and the Rise of AI


Algoriddim’s djay Pro software has consistently been at the forefront of DJ technology, particularly on Mac, iOS, or iPadOS, with close ties to Apple. Today marks the release of djay Pro version 5, introducing a range of innovative features that leverage the company’s AI and a new collaboration with the interactive team at AudioShake.

Key highlights of djay Pro 5 include the next-generation Neural Mix, Crossfader Fusion, and Fluid Beatgrid, all with trademarked names. These features take center stage, with additional improvements like enhanced stem separation on mobile, UI refreshes for the library, and a simplified Starter Mode designed for new users on the platform. The update incorporates intriguing AI-automated features that empower the system to handle more complex maneuvers. Existing users can access all these enhancements for free as part of their subscription.

AudioShake and Algoriddim have collaborated on their audio separation technology, branded as Next-generation Neural Mix in this refreshed version. Users can anticipate sharp and clear separation of elements, including vocals, harmonies, and drums. The tools have been optimized for mobile devices running a supported operating system.

Fluid Beatgrid stands out as one of the more straightforward features, serving as an integral part of the crossfader updates. Users familiar with beatgrids understand that they often require refinement and adjustment, especially for tracks with live instrumentation, natural tempo shifts, or older dance tracks that exhibit slight variations during playback. AI-powered Fluid Beatgrid aims to address these challenges by accommodating tempo shifts and identifying optimal points for marking.

Crossfader Fusion integrates stems, automation, and beatgrids. It introduces various settings for the crossfader, going beyond conventional curves. Notably, the Neural Mix (Harmonic Sustain) setting leverages stem separation and automated level adjustments during transitions between tracks.

For those inclined towards cutting and scratching, there are crossfade settings featuring automated curves and spatial effects. This includes scenarios where outgoing track vocals automatically fade out as the next track begins, emphasizing the incoming track’s vocals for scratching. As the mix transition completes, AI assists in blending these elements seamlessly.

The update includes a demonstration illustrating the capability to mix across significantly different BPMs. In this example, the incoming song initially aligns with a slower outgoing track, but its original tempo gradually integrates during the transition, resulting in the adoption of the new, faster tempo.

Existing users will receive notifications about the update, while newcomers can access djay Pro version 5 starting today on the App Store. While a free version remains available, the optional Pro subscription is priced at $7 per month or $50 per year, providing access to all features across Mac, iOS, and iPhone. The app is compatible with devices running MacOS 10.15 or later and iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 or later.

Additionally, djay Pro for Windows users received an upgrade in September, with the introduction of Fluid Beatgrid expected in an upcoming update next week. Features like Crossfader Fusion are anticipated in the near future for Windows users.

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