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Xbox Series S Debuts in Carbon Black with an Enhanced 1TB Storage


Microsoft has unveiled a fresh addition to its Xbox lineup: a revamped digital-only Xbox Series S in a striking “Carbon Black” shade. This version offers double the storage at 1TB, a significant upgrade from the traditional 512GB available in other models. Priced at $350, this console maintains the sleek matte finish synonymous with its pricier counterpart, the Series X, and comes with an official Xbox Wireless Controller. Eager gamers can snag this console from most physical and online stores, following its initial preview during the Summer Games Fest in June.

The spotlight of this release is undeniably the boosted storage. Given that the Series S operates without physical media, the hard drive becomes indispensable. The previous 512GB model could hold roughly three to four AAA titles, quickly filling up with larger games like the newly launched Bethesda RPG Starfield, which alone occupies 130GB. With an average AAA game size hovering around 100GB, the revamped Series S can comfortably host seven or eight blockbuster games, in addition to several smaller indie releases. While this grants players more leeway, eventually they might need to consider external storage options or regularly manage their gaming library.

Microsoft’s latest Series S iteration doesn’t just come with improved storage; it’s also designed with sustainability in mind. Many components of the console are constructed from post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins, reflecting Microsoft’s eco-conscious shift, a commitment seen as early as 2021 with other Series S models.

For those feeling a tad overwhelmed by the current Xbox nomenclature, let’s break it down. Both the Series S and Series X are part of Microsoft’s next-generation console lineup, but they cater to slightly different audiences and have distinctive features:

Xbox Series S: This is the more budget-friendly and compact variant. Priced between $300 to $350 based on storage options, it’s entirely digital with no disc drive. While it’s fully capable of playing the latest games, it’s tailored for lower resolutions, namely 1080p or 1440p.

Xbox Series X: This is the powerhouse of the duo. At a price tag of $500, it promises a superior gaming experience. Unlike its sibling, the Series X includes a disc drive and is built to deliver 4K resolution gaming.

So, while both consoles offer the thrill of next-gen gaming, the choice boils down to a user’s preferences on price, resolution, and physical vs. digital media.

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