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Xbox Series X Drops to Lowest Price Ever: Grab It for Just $349

For those who missed out on snagging an Xbox Series X during the Black Friday sales, there’s good news: Walmart is offering a bundle that combines the potent console with a digital copy of the action-RPG Diablo IV at a discounted price of $349. This marks the most significant discount we’ve observed, slashing $151 off the usual cost of the Series X. The standard price for the game itself is $70. Notably, this deal surpasses the best offers available during the past week, where the bundle mostly held at $440 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In the event that the bundle sells out quickly, as anticipated due to the substantial discount, both Walmart and Amazon are also selling the console alone at the same reduced price of $349. However, it is advisable to act promptly to secure this deal before supplies run out.

As a quick reminder, the Series X stands as Microsoft’s top-tier Xbox, boasting a more robust GPU and 6GB additional RAM compared to the more budget-friendly Series S. These enhancements enable the Series X to deliver a smoother gaming experience with higher frame rates and resolutions for demanding games. The console comes equipped with a default disc drive and 1TB of storage. Although Microsoft has faced challenges in producing first-party hits, the Xbox Game Pass continues to offer excellent value, especially for those who enjoy exploring a diverse array of titles. Despite the absence of some exclusive games, the Xbox library still features numerous titles we appreciate. While Diablo IV may not fall into that category, it could prove worthwhile for enthusiasts of dungeon-crawling adventures focused on numeric progression.

Presently, every Xbox deal is under the shadow of a substantial court document leak from September, revealing potential details about a Series X refresh anticipated in 2024, which might exclude a disc drive entirely. However, for those eager to join the Xbox community now, the current Series X remains a compelling option, particularly when discounted to such a significant extent.

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