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A Peek Inside LG’s Futuristic Camper at CES 2024

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LG’s Labs department has a track record of transforming technology and existing products into lifestyle-focused ideas. The Dukebox, a vacuum tube-driven speaker with a transparent OLED screen, and the LG Gram with two displays are among the projects that have emerged from LG Labs for LG’s Camper. The latest addition to this lineup is the LG Bon Voyage concept trailer, which presents a more intricate design by integrating various CES “greatest hits” for a near-future camping experience that is both luxurious and perhaps a bit unconventional.

Measuring two meters by 3.8 meters with a height of up to 2.2 meters, the LG Bon Voyage concept trailer offers flexibility by allowing users to customize the included appliances and features based on their preferences. This innovation represents LG’s creative approach to blending technology with lifestyle, catering to a camping experience that is not only comfortable but also showcases the brand’s innovative solutions in an unexpected setting.

The upgraded LG Bon Voyage concept trailer demonstrates a refinement based on customer feedback, reflecting a commitment to optimizing space usage and integrating LG’s Camper technology throughout. The trailer features a touchscreen panel on its door, running on LG’s webOS. This interface not only provides access to control the trailer but also displays relevant information such as weather updates and charge capacity. According to a spokesperson, the CES 2024 concept trailer is equipped with a 10kWh battery, aligning with the growing trend toward sustainable and energy-efficient solutions in the camping and outdoor lifestyle sector.

The LG Bon Voyage concept trailer is a tech-packed haven, featuring the eccentric Duobo capsule coffee machine resembling a moon lander, along with a microwave. The fridge is conveniently accessible from the outside, and a pull-out table on the opposite side of the door boasts a built-in inductive burner, potentially offering more cooking options than one’s home. Inside, a water purifier is concealed, and a row of detachable light bars can be set up outside the trailer for outdoor ambiance.

Continuing the trend of luxurious camping, LG includes its Styler device, a clothes refresher, because glamping should come with a touch of glamour. While the trailer incorporates a shower and toilet, there doesn’t appear to be connected technology in these features. LG is exploring the possibility of integrating solar power, although there’s a noticeably large charging port on the rear, indicating the substantial power requirements of the showcased technology.

In addition to lifestyle devices, the left side of the Bon Voyage features a large OLED screen positioned above another pull-out surface. Towards the rear of the trailer, there’s a portable karaoke set with two wireless mics and a speaker, accompanied by cocktail accouterments on either side. The overarching theme is clear: glamping in style, as exemplified by LG’s innovative and extravagant approach to outdoor living.

LG’s intention to further develop the Bon Voyage concept signals its commitment to exploring and refining innovative concepts for the future. The company’s foray into the realm of trailers aligns with a broader trend in tech companies venturing into new product categories. Sony’s venture into the automotive industry with its Vision-S concept car serves as an example of this diversification. As technology becomes more integrated into various aspects of our lives, companies like LG are leveraging their expertise to extend their product portfolios, embracing opportunities beyond their traditional domains. The Bon Voyage concept exemplifies LG’s Camper imaginative approach to incorporating technology into unconventional spaces, and it will be interesting to see how this concept evolves in response to user feedback and market demands.

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