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Amazon Consolidating Digital Comics Platform, Comixology Merging with Kindle


Amazon is informing Comixology users that, starting December 4, they will no longer have the ability to read comics on the Comixology app. This change is part of the merger between Comixology and the Kindle app, with users’ libraries transitioning exclusively to the latter. The culmination of Comixology’s decline began nearly two years ago when Amazon progressively dismantled the platform’s native features and overall user-friendliness to align it with its own ecosystem.

As of December 4, the Comixology app will be officially retired, and all comics, manga, and graphic novels previously purchased or borrowed on Comixology will reside solely within the Kindle app. While Amazon assures users that elements like reading progress will be synchronized, individuals will need to redownload their content in the Kindle app to resume from where they left off, even on the same device. For users who prefer a more organized experience, filters are available to view “Comics & Manga” or “Books” separately.

The fate of Comixology had been apparent for a while, and although the app’s termination may not come as a complete shock to long-term users, it is undoubtedly disappointing. Amazon has owned Comixology since 2014, but it’s only in recent years that the company has significantly exerted its influence on the product.

The Comixology browser version ceased operations in early 2022, and the alternative, utilizing the Kindle app or Amazon’s browser-based reader, rendered many comics challenging to read. Integration with the Amazon store resulted in a cumbersome search experience, particularly when seeking specific titles, especially in the initial stages. In early 2023, Amazon made substantial layoffs, affecting thousands of employees, including Comixology staff, casting a shadow over the service’s future.

Despite these changes, the process of purchasing comics through Amazon’s Comixology storefront will remain unchanged. Additionally, existing Comixology Unlimited subscriptions will remain unaffected, as confirmed by Amazon.

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