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Amazon Expands Just Walk Out to Apparel Stores


Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology is a cashierless shopping experience that allows customers to grab items and pay without having to interact with a cashier. The technology uses RFID tags to track what customers take and charges them accordingly as they leave the store.

Amazon is now expanding Just Walk Out to support softline merchandise, like clothing. This is a significant development, as clothing is one of the most popular items purchased in retail stores.

The expansion of Just Walk Out to softline merchandise is being made possible by the use of RFID tags. RFID tags are small, electronic tags that can be attached to products. They emit a radio signal that can be read by RFID readers.

When a customer enters a Just Walk Out store with RFID support, they will be given a bag with an RFID reader built in. As the customer shops, they can simply place items in the bag. The RFID reader will track the items that are placed in the bag.

When the customer is finished shopping, they can simply leave the store. The RFID reader at the exit gate will read the items in the customer’s bag and charge them accordingly.

Amazon is testing the new Just Walk Out feature at the Seattle Kraken’s Climate Pledge Arena and will expand it to the Seattle Seahawks’ Lumen Field for the 2023-2024 NFL season.

Amazon claims that the Just Walk Out technology has been successful, with the first Just Walk Out store at Lumen Field having an 85 percent higher transaction rate and 112 percent better total sales per game during the 2022-2023 season, compared to the traditional retailer that previously existed in that storefront.

Amazon has 75 Amazon-owned and 85 third-party Just Walk Out stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, with new locations launching every month.

The expansion of Just Walk Out to softline merchandise is a significant development for the retail industry. It could make it much easier and more convenient for customers to shop for clothes. It could also lead to increased sales for retailers that adopt the technology.

Here are some additional thoughts on the implications of Amazon’s expansion of Just Walk Out to softline merchandise:

  • Impact on the retail workforce: Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology could lead to a reduction in the need for cashiers and other retail workers. This could have a negative impact on the retail workforce, particularly in the clothing sector.
  • Impact on customer experience: Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology could make shopping for clothes more convenient and efficient for customers. However, it could also make the shopping experience less personal and less interactive.
  • Impact on competition: Amazon’s expansion of Just Walk Out to softline merchandise could put pressure on other retailers to adopt similar technologies. This could lead to a more competitive retail landscape.

Overall, the expansion of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to softline merchandise is a significant development with far-reaching implications for the retail industry.

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