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Amazon Launches Drone Delivery for Prescription Medications in Texas


Amazon has introduced drone-based prescription deliveries in College Station, TX. Customers can now receive deliveries of “over 500 medications” for common ailments like the flu, asthma, and pneumonia via aerial means. The city, home to Texas A&M, has been enjoying Prime Air drone deliveries of non-medical Amazon packages since 2022.

Amazon assures that medication orders will reach customers within an hour of placement, and there is no extra fee for using this service. The drones operate at altitudes ranging from 40 to 120 meters, a height Amazon considers to be relatively free of obstacles.

Upon arriving at the customer’s residence, the drone descends gradually and safely to a designated delivery point. Once the area is clear, it places the package and returns to its base. Amazon asserts that cameras and other sensors on these automated devices contribute to a neural network that prevents drones from colliding with people, pets, and power lines. Customers can retrieve their packages without any direct interaction with the drone.


Dr. Vin Gupta, Chief Medical Officer at Amazon Pharmacy, highlighted the importance of a critical time window in clinical medicine. He stated, “We’re taught from the first days of medical school that there is a golden window that matters in clinical medicine. That’s the time between when a patient feels unwell and when they’re able to get treatment. We’re working diligently at Amazon to significantly reduce the golden window from diagnosis to treatment, and drone delivery represents a significant leap in that direction.”

Texas has emerged as a hub for early drone delivery trials, with Amazon and Alphabet’s Wing offering such services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including a partnership with Walmart. Amazon Prime Air also operates in Lockeford, CA, using an upgraded drone model introduced last year, known for its lighter weight and extended flight capabilities.

An earlier report this year mentioned that Amazon had conducted only a limited number of deliveries due to FAA regulations. However, in the recent announcement, Amazon stated that its drones have successfully delivered hundreds of household items in College Station since December 2022.


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