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Amazon Luna Adds Individual Ubisoft Game Purchases

Amazon Luna

Towards the end of last year, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft strengthened their collaboration, enabling subscribers to stream Ubisoft games they already owned on their PC. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Amazon and Ubisoft have now joined forces to introduce a new feature to their cloud gaming service: the ability to purchase games directly from the platform, not just stream them. Subscribers can now buy select Ubisoft games through Luna’s developer portal, with titles like various Assassin’s Creed games, Far Cry series, Child of Light, and Watch Dogs included in the selection.

Customers can conveniently make game purchases within Luna, using their Amazon account, as long as they have linked it to their Ubisoft account. Amazon assures that subscribers will own the game licenses they acquire, and they can play these games either on Luna-compatible devices or on a computer if they download the titles for offline play via the Ubisoft Connect PC launcher. Luna-compatible devices encompass Fire TV devices, Chromebooks, and smartphones.

All the games purchased will appear in the customer’s Luna library, and any in-game purchases will sync seamlessly with their Ubisoft account, regardless of where they originally made the purchase. It’s worth noting that while they remain subscribers or Prime members, they can stream these games on Luna. Even if they discontinue their subscription, they won’t lose access to the purchased titles entirely.

As observed by 9to5Google, this move brings Luna closer to Google Stadia, which was the only cloud gaming platform that allowed users to buy games while it was still active. Amazon, however, has not disclosed any plans to expand game purchases or to offer titles from other game developers at this time.

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