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Amazon Unveils Its AI-Powered Image Creation Tool

Amazon Web Services

Amazon has joined the ranks of numerous major tech companies this year by introducing its own image generator. AWS customers can now explore a preview of the Titan Image Generator on the Bedrock console. Users have the option to input a text prompt to create an image from scratch or upload an existing image for editing.

According to Amazon, this tool can efficiently produce large quantities of studio-quality, realistic images at a low cost. The AI is designed to generate pertinent images based on intricate text prompts, ensuring accurate object composition and minimizing distortions. Amazon asserts that this functionality aids in “reducing the generation of harmful content and mitigating the spread of misinformation.”

For those interested in image editing, the tool allows users to isolate specific areas for the addition or removal of details. This includes tasks such as replacing the background or swapping objects in a subject’s hand. Additionally, the AI can expand image borders by incorporating artificial details, similar to the Generative Expand feature found in Photoshop.

Amazon asserts that Titan incorporates an imperceptible watermark into the images it generates. The purpose of this watermark is stated as “assisting in minimizing the dissemination of misinformation by establishing a discreet means to identify AI-generated images and fostering the secure, transparent development of AI technology.” Amazon claims that these watermarks are resistant to alterations. In addition, based on a demonstration of the image generator, the AI has the capability to generate a description of the image or relevant text suitable for use in a social media post.

The unveiling of the image generator took place at Amazon’s AWS re:Invent conference, where the company also showcased its latest AI chips and introduced a business-centric AI chatbot named Q. Notably, Amazon has recently provided advertisers with a tool enabling them to incorporate AI-generated backgrounds into product images.

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