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Android Auto Syncs with Google Maps to Predict Charging Needs for EVs


Amid the electric vehicle (EV) focus at CES 2024, Google has unveiled a noteworthy update for Android Auto, announcing that it will integrate real-time battery updates with Google Maps. Initially, this feature will be introduced for the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning in the upcoming months, with plans to extend compatibility to other Android Auto-enabled EVs in the future.

The update aims to enhance the EV driving experience by seamlessly providing suggestions for charging stations along the route, eliminating the need for drivers to pull over and manually search for suitable charging points. Additionally, Google Maps will offer information on the car’s battery level upon reaching a destination, a feature already present in many EVs. A novel aspect of the update includes an estimate of the time required for charging, particularly useful for drivers in a hurry. This integration of real-time battery information into navigation tools is expected to streamline the EV journey and contribute to a more convenient and efficient driving experience.

At CES 2024, Google revealed plans for expanding its Google built-in platform to include additional car brands, with Nissan and Ford joining the roster. This expansion follows the initial launch in the 2023 Honda Accord sedan’s high-end Touring trim. Notably, the Chrome browser is currently rolling out in beta to select models from Volvo and Polestar, the latter being partially owned by Volvo. The availability of the Chrome browser is expected to broaden later in the year. As part of the Google built-in features, the platform now incorporates The Weather Channel app, allowing users to track the forecast seamlessly as they travel.

For live updates from CES 2024, stay tuned to the latest news from the event in Las Vegas, running from January 6-12.

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