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Apple Piloting New Discount Bundles for App Store Subscriptions

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Apple has initiated a trial for a new App Store feature named “contingent pricing,” aimed at assisting developers in enticing customers with discounted subscriptions based on their existing purchases. This model allows developers to offer reduced subscription prices to customers who are already subscribed to other services, whether those are the developers’ own apps or those of participating partners. The feature is currently in a testing phase with a selected group of participants and is anticipated to expand to more developers “in the coming months.”

According to Apple, “Contingent pricing for subscriptions on the App Store — a new feature that helps you attract and retain subscribers — lets you give customers a discounted subscription price as long as they’re actively subscribed to a different subscription.” This can apply to subscriptions from a single developer or two different developers. As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple clarified that these discounted bundles will be prominently displayed to customers on both the App Store and “in off-platform marketing channels,” ensuring easy access to and awareness of the benefits.

This development takes place amid ongoing scrutiny of Apple’s App Store practices and its handling of in-app purchases, which gained significant attention during Apple’s legal battle with Fortnite owner Epic Games. Despite recent legal challenges, Apple is seeking ways to enhance its relationship with developers. The company has announced plans to provide more details about the new program in the coming month.

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