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Apple Watch Series 9 Now Available for Just $310

There’s a certain gratification in holding out for a newly launched product and witnessing it subsequently go on sale. Consider the Apple Watch Series 9, introduced in September at $399, which saw a Black Friday reduction to $329. For those who exercised patience, there’s even better news: the Apple Watch Series 9 in (Product) Red and Storm Blue is currently available at an unprecedented low price of $310. This fantastic offer includes an eight percent discount and a $59 coupon that becomes active during checkout.

The Apple Watch Series 9 stands out as a noteworthy addition to the lineup, and it could be a valuable asset for your wrist. In our review, we awarded it a score of 92, attributing this to its enhanced features such as Double Tap and Raise To Speak. The Double Tap feature, which was introduced in October, enables actions like answering or ending a call and responding to messages through a simple tap of the index finger and thumb on the same hand as the watch.

Raise To Speak involves lifting your wrist to activate Siri, although our experience indicates that this function operates successfully about half of the time. Speaking of Siri, the digital assistant now processes requests directly through the watch, eliminating the need for another connected device. This update enables users to interact with Siri even when offline or disconnected from their iPhone.

Another noteworthy feature is made possible by the Apple Watch Series 9’s second-generation UWB chip. Users can now determine the distance from their paired device in feet and identify its direction. When within a proximity of less than five feet, the missing device triggers a buzz. Additionally, the Series 9 holds the distinction of being one of Apple’s initial two carbon-neutral products, the other being the Ultra 2.

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