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Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad Returns to its All-Time Low Price of $250

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

In mid-August, an innate urge emerges, reminiscent of those back-to-school shopping days from childhood. While then it might have been about securing new notebooks and erasers, adulthood often nudges towards more significant investments, especially when enticing deals present themselves. One such opportunity currently is the Apple’s 64GB ninth-generation iPad. Remarkably, this device has seen its price dip from the original $330 to an unprecedented low of $250, available in both Space Gray and Silver finishes. However, potential buyers should note a small catch: the displayed price initially shows as $269, but it pleasantly reduces to the coveted $250 when proceeding to checkout.

While Apple’s ninth-generation iPad isn’t the latest in its lineup, having been launched in 2021 and subsequently succeeded by a 10th-gen variant in the subsequent year, it still carries its weight in the tech market. In our comprehensive review, it secured a commendable score of 86. Though it didn’t introduce a plethora of changes compared to its forerunner, this model stood out as an excellent choice for those scouting for a reliable device equipped with fundamental features without breaking the bank. To put things into perspective, even when discounted, the next iteration, the 10th-gen iPad, still commands a premium, costing $150 more.

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Diving into its specifications, the ninth-gen iPad boasts a sharp 10.2-inch retina display, ensuring vivid visuals. Under its sleek exterior lies the powerful A13 Bionic chip, guaranteeing smooth performance for a range of tasks. For those who are fond of video calls or capturing memories, the tablet is armed with a 12MP Ultra Wide front camera, ensuring crisp images and videos. Additionally, artists and note-takers would be thrilled to know that this version is compatible with the first Apple Pencil. Those inclined towards typing would find the Smart Keyboard a valuable addition, which this iPad supports seamlessly.

One key distinction to note, especially for those attuned to the rapid tech advancements, is that the ninth-gen iPad still relies on the lightning connector. In contrast, its younger sibling, the 10th-gen version, has transitioned to the USB-C port, which is fast becoming an industry standard. Furthermore, old-school iPad lovers might appreciate the retention of the physical home button in this model, a feature slowly phasing out in the newer iterations.

In conclusion, mid-August seems to whisper the season of renewal and upgrades. Whether you’re reminiscing about school shopping or considering a tech revamp, Apple’s ninth-generation iPad, with its impressive features and unmatched sale price, is an opportunity worth seizing.

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