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Apple’s Mac Mini M2 Returns to its $499 Price Point

Looking to boost your Mac’s processing prowess without breaking the bank? Seize the moment as the Apple Mac Mini M2 is now available for just $500 at B&H, reflecting a 17% discount. This deal is one of the most competitive prices since its January release.

Earning a commendable score of 86 in our assessment, the Mac Mini M2 stands as a stellar enhancement to Apple’s computing lineup. Its journey began with the original Mini’s launch in 2005. While 2021’s Mini M1 introduced noteworthy advancements, the M2 soared even higher, boasting eight CPU cores, 8GB RAM, and ten graphic cores. Design-wise, the M2 retains the iconic aluminum casing of its antecedent but benefits from a slightly elevated base, ensuring improved air circulation.

On the connectivity front, the M2 is brimming with a variety of ports: two USB-A, two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, HDMI 2.0, an audio jack, and gigabit Ethernet. Notably, it misses out on front-facing ports. If you’re contemplating integrating the Mac Mini M2 into your tech arsenal, act swiftly—the offer stands until Friday, September 1st.

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