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Top Apple Watch Enhancements to Look Out for in 2023

The Apple Watch has rapidly ascended to become a prominent staple in the wearable tech scene, possibly even surpassing the iPhone in terms of personalization. Just as traditional watches serve as an extension of an individual’s style, the Apple Watch, with its plethora of accessories, offers users the opportunity to truly make it their own.

While bands, in their myriad of colors and designs, are the most straightforward way to inject some personality into your device, there’s a whole world of customization beyond that. From protective cases that shield your watch from dings and scrapes, and stands that elegantly display your device, to wireless chargers that power up your watch in style, the accessory options are vast.

Apple, staying true to its brand, offers a line of premium accessories tailor-made for the watch. However, diving into the broader market reveals gems from seasoned manufacturers like Spigen, known for their robust protective cases, Anker with their reliable charging solutions, and Belkin, with their blend of style and function.

With the vast array of options available, finding the best accessories can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put numerous products to the test, aiming to present you with the best of the best in Apple Watch customization. Whether you’re looking for functional protection, a style upgrade, or both, there’s an accessory out there for every Apple Watch owner.

Review: Spigen’s Thin Fit Case for Apple Watch

Many of us are accustomed to safeguarding our smartphones in cases against unforeseen tumble or scratches. However, when it comes to smartwatches, which remain strapped snugly to our wrists, the thought of added protection might seem superfluous. But if you’re anything like me, with a knack for bumping into things, the safety of your Apple Watch, especially given its price point, becomes paramount. I’ve managed to knock my watch against numerous door frames, making me realize the importance of a protective layer.

While the term “case” often brings to mind images of bulky protectors, that’s not the reality for Apple Watch cases. These are essentially bumpers that wrap around the watch’s edges. Some even go a step further by covering the screen. My preference leans toward the bumper type, as I’d rather use a dedicated screen protector if I decide to shield the display.

Enter Spigen’s range of Apple Watch cases, which manage to combine form and function seamlessly. They offer two primary series catering to different user needs. Their Rugged Armor series boasts a shock-absorbing layer and protruding bezels, making it an ideal choice for those who seek rigorous protection over aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, the Thin Fit series aligns more with my tastes. This series offers protection without compromising the sleek appearance of the watch. Sitting seamlessly against the display, the Thin Fit case is discreet, yet effective. Additionally, the variety of color options lets you choose one that complements your Apple Watch, making the case virtually indistinguishable.

A couple of noteworthy advantages of Spigen’s cases are the ease with which they can be attached and their affordability. Priced around $14, these cases are a modest investment for safeguarding your much more expensive Apple Watch. All in all, if you’re in the market for protection that doesn’t skimp on style, Spigen’s Thin Fit series is certainly worth considering.

Review: Zagg’s InvisibleShield Screen Protector for Apple Watch

For those who relish the sleek design of their Apple Watch but still yearn for an added layer of protection, a screen protector might be the ideal compromise. Foregoing the added heft that often accompanies cases, screen protectors maintain the watch’s elegant aesthetic while offering a shield against potential damage.

Zagg’s InvisibleShield range emerges as a frontrunner in this category. It promises not only robust protection against shattering but also boasts clear visuals and improved touch sensitivity, ensuring the interactive experience of the watch remains uncompromised.

One of the most significant advantages of the InvisibleShield is its discreet application. If you follow Zagg’s comprehensive instructions and utilize the tools provided, you’ll find that once it’s on, it’s easy to forget that there’s a protective layer there at all. This invisibility is further enhanced by its seamless integration with the watch’s stainless steel or aluminum body. It’s as if the protector becomes one with the watch.

Another noteworthy feature is the protector’s resilience. While no one purchases a screen protector hoping to test its limits, accidents are a part of life. Should your watch face an unfortunate knock or scrape, the InvisibleShield is designed to absorb that damage, potentially saving you from a costly screen replacement.

In conclusion, if you’re on the lookout for protection that is both effective and inconspicuous, Zagg’s InvisibleShield might just be the perfect fit for your Apple Watch. It stands as a testament to the fact that protection doesn’t necessarily require sacrificing style.

Review: Anker Nano 3 30W Charger – The Compact Powerhouse

With the recent Apple Watches no longer shipping with power adapters, the hunt for the perfect charger has become a crucial task for many. Enter the Anker Nano 3 30W charger: a solution that combines the trifecta of compactness, power, and safety.

At first glance, one of the standout features of the Anker Nano 3 is its size. The compact and foldable design is tailor-made for today’s mobile generation, ensuring that you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag without any cumbersome cables sticking out.

But it’s not just about size. The Nano 3 also brings with it a commendable 30W of power, ensuring your devices – from the Apple Watch to the iPhone – charge rapidly. The promise of fast-charging your iPhone without needing to swap chargers is a major convenience.

The real clincher, however, might be the inclusion of ActiveShield 2.0 – Anker’s upgraded temperature-monitoring technology. Safety is paramount when it comes to charging devices, especially with the slew of generic chargers flooding the market, which sometimes prioritize speed over security. With ActiveShield 2.0, the Nano 3 keeps a vigilant watch on its temperature levels, ensuring that it doesn’t overheat. This proactive approach can extend the life of both the charger and your devices, preventing potential damage from overheating.

To sum up, the Anker Nano 3 30W charger is a commendable addition to the company’s lineup of trusted charging solutions. It marries compact design and powerful performance, all the while placing a premium on the safety of your devices. If you’re in the market for a reliable and efficient charging solution, the Nano 3 should undoubtedly be on your radar.

Review: Apple MagSafe Duo Charger – A Dual Charging Elegance

Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger reflects the tech giant’s dedication to design elegance, function, and travel readiness. The magnetic charging solution is indeed one of the sleekest and most aesthetically pleasing devices on the market, and its features make it an attractive pick for Apple enthusiasts.

1. Dual Charging: The charger’s most significant feature is its ability to simultaneously charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. This reduces the clutter of carrying multiple chargers and cables, offering an all-in-one solution for Apple device users.

2. Compact Design: One of the MagSafe Duo’s standout features is its foldable design. This not only saves space but also ensures the charging pads are protected when traveling. When folded, the charger becomes a neat, pocketable square, making it effortless to carry.

3. Nighttime Mode: A thoughtful touch added by Apple is the flipping mechanism for the Apple Watch pad. This allows users to charge their watch in Nighttime mode, making it easy to glance at the time during nighttime without disrupting the charging process.

4. Cable Inclusion: The inclusion of a USB-C to Lightning cable is appreciated, as it facilitates a universal charging solution. Whether you’re charging your MacBook or iPad, this cable ensures compatibility across devices.

5. A Note on the AC Adapter: The MagSafe Duo’s omission of an AC adapter in the package is a notable drawback. Given the premium price point of Apple products, users might expect a complete package. This absence requires users to purchase an adapter separately if they don’t already have one, or remember to pack theirs when on the move.

Final Thoughts: The Apple MagSafe Duo Charger is a testament to the company’s focus on seamless design and user experience. While it serves its primary function beautifully and is an excellent travel companion, the lack of an AC adapter might be a point of contention for some. However, for those deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem or those who prioritize aesthetics and convenience, the MagSafe Duo is a worthy investment.

Review: Belkin Boost Charge Pro Portable Fast Charger – Tailored for the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch has become an integral companion for many, from tracking fitness routines to managing daily schedules. With such extensive use, a dependable and efficient charger becomes essential. Enter the Belkin Boost Charge Pro Portable Fast Charger, designed particularly with the Apple Watch Series 8 in mind. Here’s our take:

1. Fast Charging: The most compelling feature of the Belkin Boost Charge Pro is its fast-charging capability. With the promise of charging the Apple Watch Series 8 from 0 to 80 percent in just 45 minutes, this charger stands out in a market filled with slower alternatives.

2. Versatile Design: The Boost Charge Pro is not just about fast charging; it also offers versatility. The flip-up design allows users to charge their watch flat or in Nightstand mode, making it ideal for bedside charging. It’s clear Belkin has given thought to the user experience.

3. Adjustable Charging Module: A small yet significant feature is the adjustable height of the charging module. With this, users can ensure that different watch sizes or those with protective cases can charge without hindrance. It’s a nuanced touch that showcases Belkin’s attention to detail.

4. Extended USB-C Cable: The attached four-foot USB-C cable that neatly tucks away under the pad is a boon for users who don’t want to be restricted by the typical short cords. This extended cable gives users the flexibility to set up their charging stations where it suits them best.

5. Ideal for Travellers: With its compact design and tuck-away cable, the Boost Charge Pro becomes an excellent travel companion. Those who frequently find themselves on the go will appreciate having this efficient charger in their arsenal.

Final Verdict: The Belkin Boost Charge Pro Portable Fast Charger is a well-thought-out accessory tailored for Apple Watch Series 8 users. From its rapid charging capabilities to its user-friendly design, it’s evident that Belkin has ticked many of the right boxes. For those who seek both functionality and convenience in their Apple Watch charging experience, this product is a strong contender.

Review: Incase Bionic Organizer – A Companion for Your Apple Watch Accessories

The Apple Watch may be compact, but its accessories aren’t. From chargers to extra bands, AirPods to Airtags, having a dedicated space to store these can simplify the life of an Apple enthusiast. Enter the Incase Bionic Organizer – a purpose-built solution for tech storage needs. Here’s our take on it:

1. Compact Yet Capacious: The Incase Bionic Organizer, at 9.5 x 6 x 2 inches, offers the perfect balance between portability and storage space. It’s compact enough to fit in your backpack, but spacious enough to accommodate a range of accessories.

2. Organized Interior: With internal pockets and loops, the organizer is clearly designed with the tech-savvy user in mind. Whether you’re carrying multiple watch bands, your charger, or even your AirPods, there’s a dedicated space for each, ensuring you won’t be rummaging around to find what you need.

3. Quick-Access External Pocket: The semi-hidden external pocket is a clever addition. Perfect for items you need on the fly, this pocket ensures that essentials are always within easy reach.

4. Eco-Friendly Material: In an era of increased environmental consciousness, Incase’s choice to use 100-percent recycled ripstop fabric stands out. It’s not just about storage, but also about making choices that benefit the planet. This approach adds an extra layer of appeal for the environmentally conscious user.

5. Durable Design: The use of ripstop fabric also ensures that the organizer is robust and durable, capable of withstanding the wear and tear of regular use. This is especially important for users who travel frequently or find themselves constantly on the move.

Final Verdict: The Incase Bionic Organizer is more than just a storage pouch. It’s a thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly solution for Apple enthusiasts. With specific compartments tailored to hold tech essentials and a robust design, it’s an organizer that truly understands and caters to the needs of its users. If you’re in the market for a reliable, sustainable, and efficient way to carry your Apple Watch accessories, this organizer is well worth considering.

Review: Elago W6 Apple Watch Stand – A Blend of Retro Cool and Modern Functionality

Whether it’s for the sake of nostalgia or simply to make a statement, personalizing our tech environments can be a delightful exercise. With Apple products dominating many desktops, a splash of retro cool can be a breath of fresh air. Enter the Elago W6 Apple Watch stand, which promises to bring back memories while serving a very modern purpose.

1. Unique Designs: The standout feature of the Elago W6 is its distinct and quirky design ethos. Whether it’s reminiscent of a retro handheld gaming system or an old Mac, the stand is sure to be a conversation starter. The incorporation of Line characters adds to the brand’s charm, appealing to fans and pop culture aficionados.

2. Nightstand Mode Friendly: If you’re an Apple Watch user, the Nightstand mode is a neat feature. The Elago W6’s design complements this feature, allowing users to view their watch display comfortably at a glance during the night.

3. Lightweight and Compact: Made primarily of lightweight plastic, the stand is unobtrusive and can fit easily on most nightstands or desks. This does, however, come with a trade-off…

4. Stability Concerns: The same lightweight design that ensures the stand’s compactness can also be a slight downside. It can slide if you accidentally tug on the charging cord, meaning it lacks the robustness some might expect. But for gentle and careful users, this might not be much of an issue.

5. Affordable: At only $15, the Elago W6 offers a blend of functionality and design flair without breaking the bank. It’s a cost-effective way to bring a touch of personality to your charging setup.

Final Thoughts: The Elago W6 Apple Watch stand, while not the most heavy-duty option out there, scores high on aesthetics and affordability. It’s ideal for those who want to add a sprinkle of nostalgia to their tech setup without spending a lot. If you’re looking for something that marries fun and function, and can overlook the potential stability concerns, the W6 could be a great addition to your tech arsenal.

Review: Spigen ArcField MFi-certified Charging Stand – A Perfect Bedside Companion for Apple Watch Users

The charging experience for devices like the Apple Watch has always been a tug-of-war between convenience, aesthetics, and functionality. While many stands make you fiddle with your own charger, Spigen’s ArcField changes the game by incorporating its own. So, how does it stack up?

1. Integrated Charging:
No need to mess around with threading your own charging pad through the stand. The ArcField comes with its own built-in wireless charger. This feature is especially valuable for those who don’t want to constantly detach their primary charger or just need an extra one.

2. Weighted Base:
A common gripe with many stands is their tendency to move or tip over. Thankfully, Spigen’s weighted, non-slip base makes sure the stand stays put, offering stability even with the heaviest of Apple Watch models.

3. Extended Cable Length:
The 6.6-foot USB-C cable is a pleasant addition. This generous length ensures flexibility in terms of where you place it, be it your office desk or bedside table. However, note that an adapter is not included, so ensure you have one handy.

4. Customizable Viewing Angles:
Spigen understands that one size doesn’t fit all. The inclusion of rubber strips for adjustable viewing angles caters to users of all Apple Watch models, including the robust Apple Watch Ultra. It’s a thoughtful touch that ensures compatibility and user-friendliness.

5. Minimalist Aesthetics:
Beyond functionality, the ArcField stand has a sleek design that fits well with modern interiors. It’s unobtrusive and complements the Apple aesthetic, making it a stylish addition to any space.

6. MFi-certified:
Having the “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” certification means it’s approved by Apple to meet their performance standards. This is always a reassuring detail, ensuring you’re getting a quality product that won’t harm your device.

Final Thoughts:
The Spigen ArcField stand is more than just a charging station; it’s a thoughtfully designed piece of tech that addresses most of the pain points Apple Watch users may have with traditional stands. If you’re in the market for a reliable, good-looking, and functional charging solution, the ArcField is worth considering. Remember to invest in a quality adapter if you don’t already have one!

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