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ChatGPT on Two Wheels: Urtopia’s Fusion Redefines E-bikes


Urtopia has endeavored to distinguish its e-bikes from the competition through extensive integration of technology, and this year marks a notable achievement for the company. Unveiled in full at CES 2024, the flagship Urtopias Fusion model takes center stage after being teased earlier in the year, showcasing a remarkable integration with the prominent AI assistant, ChatGPT. The Fusion joins the ranks of Urtopia’s technologically advanced lineup, which includes the Chord and the original Urtopia models.

Referred to by Urtopias Fusion as “the world’s first dual battery, dual motor e-bike by design visionary Hartmut Esslinger,” the Fusion boasts a distinctive claim. Constructed with carbon fiber to minimize weight, the regular model incorporates a Shimano CUES derailleur, while the premium CVT version features an Enviolo stepless shifter. The dual 540Wh battery provides a range of 120km (75 miles), with an additional 360Wh battery extender extending the range to an impressive 200km (124 miles) — ample for approximately 20 traverses from the north to the south of Paris.


Capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 km/h, the Fusion owes its dynamic performance to the 95Nm mid-drive motor, complemented by a 100mm air suspension fork for a smooth ride. Weighing in at a relatively light 23 kg and equipped with wide tires and a stable frame, this e-bike is well-suited for a range of terrains, including off-road trails and city streets.

However, what truly sets the Fusion apart is its headline feature — a fusion of cutting-edge technology. Leveraging 4G connectivity and GPS tracking, the bike keeps users informed of its location, even in the unfortunate event of theft. The tech-savvy features include a movement alarm, fingerprint unlock, route tracking, standalone navigation (without relying on a cellphone), and Bluetooth music streaming through a built-in speaker — features seamlessly integrated as seen in the company’s previous models.

Introducing the innovative “Jarvis” technology, a novel addition to the Fusion e-bike, empowered by a smart ring (the specific model remains undisclosed). This smart ring facilitates the bike’s activation, music playback, and the utilization of other technological features, including the integration of ChatGPT. Users can directly engage with ChatGPT through the built-in speaker, allowing for interactive conversations. According to Urtopia, ChatGPT can assist riders in exploring new routes, providing real-time information, and even offering entertaining conversations.

While the practicality of a chat assistant during high-speed urban biking might be questioned, it could prove a companionable feature during leisurely rides on secluded trails. Additionally, this integration serves as a noteworthy marketing strategy, setting the Fusion apart from the myriad e-bikes flooding the market. However, potential buyers should be prepared for a substantial investment, with the Fusion priced at €3,999 (approximately $4,375) and the Fusion CVT commanding a higher cost at €4,999 ($5,467). The availability in the U.S. and the exact release date remain undisclosed at this time.

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