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Fitbit launches AI chatbot to help runners understand their data

During the ‘Made by Google Event’ in New York, Google offered a sneak peek at an upcoming “generative AI” feature slated to be integrated into the Fitbit app as part of the Fibit Labs program, expected to roll out next year. This app will be compatible with new wearables such as the Google Pixel 2 Watch and the Fitbit Charge 6, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to analyze fitness trends in the wearer’s performance, offering valuable insights.

The application will introduce a chatbot feature designed to engage in conversations, assisting users in comprehending their performance during activities like a tracked run. It will furnish detailed statistics, such as overall pace and elevation gain. Going beyond mere data, the AI component will delve into the reasons behind one’s performance, drawing insights from related health data like sleep patterns, recovery history, and past workouts. If a workout seems particularly challenging, the app can investigate and provide explanations for the difficulty.

These insights aren’t restricted to text-based conversations; Google demonstrated the app’s capability to deliver visual feedback through charts and graphs, illustrating how performance has evolved over time.

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