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Fitbit’s redesigned app is now available to everyone


Google has announced a comprehensive redesign of Fitbit, which is rolling out today after being in beta since August. The update simplifies the user experience by organizing it into three tabs: Today, Coach, and You.

The Today tab provides customizable daily stats and metrics, allowing users to view health trends over the past month or year. The Coach tab focuses on motivation, offering curated lists of mindfulness sessions, workouts, and more. The You tab is where users can access achievement badges and related progress metrics.

Google has emphasized that the information collected will be kept private and will not be used for advertising data. This redesign aims to make Fitbit more user-friendly and engaging for health and fitness enthusiasts.

While the Fitbit app refresh doesn’t change the subscription model, it does introduce a new visual design and some additional features. Google encourages users to track their physical activity using the app, with or without a dedicated device, as it has improved integration with smartphone sensors for more accurate step counts. The update also includes new privacy controls and enhanced customization options within the Today tab.

The global rollout of the redesign begins today for both iOS and Android platforms. It may take a few days for the redesigned app to become available to all users. This update comes at a good time as Fitbit previously discontinued some features earlier in the year, and while they haven’t exactly returned, the Coach tab now offers daily challenges and scenarios similar to the previous features, and the You tab provides access to achievement badges.

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