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Fix on the Horizon for Apple Watch Battery Drain Issues


In the past week, a number of Apple Watch users observed that their battery life was depleting unusually quickly following the installation of the latest watchOS version 10.1. Now, Apple has acknowledged this issue through an internal memo as reported by MacRumors, and has assured users that a solution will be included in an upcoming update.

The problem is affecting various Apple Watch models, including both older ones such as the Watch SE and Watch Series 5, as well as the newest version, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, according to reports from sources like Reddit, Apple’s Support Community, and others. This issue appears to be significant, with one user noting that “watchOS 10.1 is depleting my Apple Watch’s battery rapidly,” causing a drop from 100% to 50% charge in less than an hour.

Apple initially attempted to address the issue with its iOS 17.1 update, specifically mentioning that it resolved a problem related to “increased power consumption” when a Watch running watchOS 10.1 is paired with an iPhone using iOS 17, as highlighted by MacRumors. However, it appears that this measure didn’t entirely resolve the problem.

Apple’s internal memo stated that the issue will be rectified in an upcoming watchOS update, but no specific date, affected models, or reasons for the problem were provided. Given the seriousness of the matter, one can hope that it is a high-priority concern. Additionally, there are reports suggesting that Apple is planning to release iOS 17.1.1 for iPhones, and it is hoped that this release will also include watchOS 10.1.1, addressing the battery drain issue.

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