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Forget Screens, Entertain on Anything Samsung’s Interactive Premiere Projectors


Samsung has unveiled new projectors to complement its home theater lineup at CES 2024. Among the four new Premiere models introduced, the Premiere 8K and Premiere 5 stand out. However, what makes the entire lineup noteworthy is the introduction of a feature called Lightwarp, designed to turn any object or surface into an interactive display.

Samsung claims that Lightwarp is the first instance of projection mapping being made available outside of professional settings and in consumer-grade devices. This innovative tool enables users to project various content onto any surface, offering the flexibility to create a customized dashboard filled with widgets like a clock, weather updates, and more. The interactive aspect of Lightwarp allows users to tap on the projection, enabling interactions such as writing on virtual sticky notes or engaging in tabletop gaming.

While specific details about Lightwarp are currently limited, more information and, hopefully, a demonstration will be showcased at CES, now that the projectors with this feature have been officially announced. This advancement opens up new possibilities for creating immersive and interactive experiences in home entertainment settings.

The entire 2024 Samsung projector lineup, including the new Premiere models, will come equipped with the company’s Gaming Hub. This feature allows users to access thousands of games without the need for a console. Furthermore, all four projectors can function as smart speakers independently of screen projection.

Samsung highlights the Premiere 5 as a versatile model, dubbing it a “do-it-all” projector. It’s described as the world’s most compact triple-laser ultra-short-throw projector, measuring 7.9 inches in height, 5.4 inches in width, and 5.4 inches in depth. Weighing just 3.7 pounds, it’s easily repositionable within a living space. The smaller size is particularly convenient for using features like Lightwarp, and an included stand facilitates projecting visuals onto tables and desks.

When positioned 17 inches from a wall, the Premiere 5 can project up to a 100-inch image, automatically adjusting for focus and color balance. Notably, it features a multi-function key for mode switching, mobile connection, and a screen-off feature that maintains audio while disabling visuals. Additionally, users can mirror a smartphone display by tapping the device on the projector, although it’s not explicitly mentioned whether this requires a Samsung phone. The projector also includes a built-in 10-watt speaker capable of delivering “rich, room-filling sound,” enhancing the overall audiovisual experience.

Samsung Premiere 8K (Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget)

Leading the 2024 Samsung projector lineup is the Premiere 8K, a unit of coffee-table size that claims the title of the first 8K projector featuring wireless connectivity for devices typically requiring cables. Samsung introduces a Wireless One Connect Box to serve as the central hub for connecting streaming devices and consoles. This box then wirelessly transmits content to the projector from a distance of up to 10 meters (approximately 33 feet).

The Premiere 8K boasts several groundbreaking features. It is the first projector to combine a 100-watt output with an 8.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos and Sound-on-Screen technology. The latter feature creates the illusion that audio is emanating from the projected image rather than the projector itself. Remarkably, this unit can project a 150-inch image from just 12 inches away from a wall, whereas Samsung claims that competitors require five meters (around 16 feet) to achieve a similar result. To address concerns about the limited availability of native 8K content, the projector incorporates onboard AI-powered technology for upscaling 4K content. These features collectively position the Premiere 8K as a cutting-edge addition to Samsung’s projector lineup.

Completing the 2024 Samsung projector lineup are the Premiere 7 and Premiere 9, succeeding the current Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T models. These short-throw projectors promise brighter projections and are equipped with a Quantum 4K processor. Additionally, both models feature Dolby Atmos sound to deliver what Samsung describes as a “theater-like experience.”

While Samsung has not yet disclosed pricing and availability details, this is customary for CES announcements. Typically, such information is revealed closer to the launch date. As more specifics become available, we will keep you updated on the details of these new projectors.

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