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Forget Steering Wheels, Sony’s Afeela Drives on PlayStation Power!


Sony’s Afeela ongoing partnership with Honda on the Afeela concept EV has been a recurring highlight at CES in recent years. Although there’s still no concrete information regarding when or if the Afeela will materialize as a production vehicle, Sony’s Afeela presented a creative and entertaining demonstration of the latest iteration at CES 2024. They drove the Afeela onto the stage using a PlayStation DualSense controller.

It’s important to note that this was likely more of a fun and attention-grabbing gimmick rather than a preview of a real-world PlayStation-controlled vehicle. CES often features such spectacles that showcase innovation and technology in a memorable way. While the event might not provide clear details on the future production status of the Afeela, it certainly delivers on the element of spectacle that characterizes CES presentations.


The collaboration between Sony and Microsoft on the stage at CES, particularly to discuss the evolving in-vehicle experience powered by AI, aligns with the prevailing trend of incorporating advanced technologies into automobiles. The integration of AI aims to enhance the intelligence and capabilities of in-car systems, potentially transforming the driving experience.

CES often becomes a convergence point for various tech giants and automotive companies to showcase their advancements in AI, connectivity, and other cutting-edge technologies. As the in-vehicle experience becomes increasingly connected and intelligent, collaborations between companies from different sectors, such as Sony and Microsoft, indicate the broader industry’s efforts to deliver innovative and smart solutions for consumers. It will be interesting to see how these collaborations unfold and contribute to the future of automotive technology.

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