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Gamers Rejoice! Samsung’s New Cloud-Powered Smart Monitor Lands at CES 2024


Samsung has introduced an update to its smart monitor lineup at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, presenting the Smart Monitor M80D as a modest refresh of the previous Smart Monitor M8 released in 2023. While maintaining many of the same specifications, such as resolution and the detachable camera, there have been some software updates.

The Smart Monitor M80D features a 32-inch 4K panel and is equipped with various high-tech features. Notably, the monitor can be used without the need for a PC or gaming console, offering standalone functionality. Tasks possible without external devices include video calls via the detachable webcam and streaming content from platforms like Netflix and Prime Video. The monitor also incorporates Samsung’s Gaming Hub, allowing users to stream a variety of titles via the cloud. Furthermore, standalone apps are available for controlling smart home devices, word processing, and accessing fitness metrics. This update enhances the versatility of the smart monitor, making it a multifunctional device for various tasks.

The updated M80D Smart Monitor builds upon the features of the previous-generation M8, taking things to a new level. The enhancements include HDR10+ visuals, built-in 2-channel speakers, Bluetooth connectivity for direct pairing with other devices like wearables, and a tool for quick sharing of images and text from other Samsung devices such as Galaxy smartphones and Book laptops to the monitor. Additionally, the M80D integrates with Galaxy Buds to provide a “surround sound-like experience” with minimal latency.

This model is set to be available sometime this year, though Samsung has not yet disclosed pricing details. For reference, the previous-generation was initially launched at $700 but commonly had significant discounts.

In an intriguing move, Samsung also introduced a 3D monitor at CES 2024, a technology that saw its peak popularity over a decade ago. The unique aspect of this 3D monitor is its potential new use for accessing VR content without the need for a headset, marking an interesting approach to the evolving landscape of display technologies.

Samsung’s innovative 3D monitor is designed to run VR applications without the need for wearable accessories, offering a different but immersive experience directly through the display. The inclusion of eye and head-tracking capabilities allows the monitor to mimic VR movement, although the field of view will be limited compared to traditional VR setups. A built-in algorithm automatically adjusts the 3D response for an optimal gaming experience, and the monitor is compatible with all Steam VR titles. Beyond gaming, the monitor can also be used for traditional 3D content, such as movies like 2009’s “Avatar.”

As of now, there is no specific release date for this 3D monitor, but Samsung plans to release more information about it as the year progresses. Additionally, the company has announced “The Link,” a monitor intended for multi-screen setups. While details are currently scarce, more information about “The Link” is expected to be disclosed later in 2024. These announcements reflect Samsung’s commitment to exploring novel applications of display technology and enhancing user experiences.

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