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Google AI’s Bard Chatbot Takes a Step Forward in Understanding YouTube Videos


Google has enhanced the capabilities of the Bard AI chatbot, enabling users to engage in more profound and meaningful conversations, particularly concerning YouTube videos. In its latest experiment update log, the company revealed the expansion of Bard’s YouTube extension, allowing the generative AI to “understand some video content” when activated. This means users can inquire about specific details within videos, such as asking Bard about the number of eggs used in an olive oil cake recipe. Android Authority suggests that users may also seek information on tools in DIY videos or inquire about restaurant locations mentioned in food reviews.

The initial integration of Bard with YouTube in September allowed it to extract data from the platform but lacked the ability to comprehend a video’s content or address detailed queries about it. Google responded to user feedback by introducing this update, emphasizing a desire for deeper engagement with YouTube videos. The company stated that these changes represent the “first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos,” hinting at potential advancements in the technology’s ability to analyze videos on the platform in the future. To engage in conversations with Bard about YouTube videos, users must activate the YouTube extension on the chatbot’s web portal.

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