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Google Offers Three Months of GeForce Now Cloud Gaming to Chromebook Users

Google revealed today that Chromebook users are eligible to receive three months of GeForce Now for free. The standard Chromebook users will be granted the GeForce Now Priority subscription, generally priced at $10 per month. In contrast, Cloud Gaming Chromebook owners will get the Ultimate tier, typically costing $20 per month. This promotional offer is linked to the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform.

Those with a standard Chromebook can enjoy the GeForce Now Priority, providing a “premium rig” cloud experience with a maximum of 1080p/60 FPS streaming and game sessions lasting up to six hours. On the other hand, Cloud Gaming Chromebook users can indulge in the GeForce Now Ultimate, enhancing their experience with RTX 4080 performance, 4K resolution, 120 FPS, and sessions extending up to eight hours.

After almost five years in beta, GeForce Now was officially launched in 2020, serving as a portal to a high-performance PC, offering Chromebook users a substantial upgrade. This service bypasses concerns about updates, patches, or graphic configurations. However, a stable, fast, and low-latency internet connection is essential to stream games from Nvidia’s servers smoothly.

Although building and navigating your game library on Nvidia’s platform can seem more cumbersome than competitors like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or the now-discontinued Stadia, users must connect their existing game accounts such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, or Ubisoft Connect to determine the compatibility of their purchased games. To stream games you already own or to explore compatible ones for purchase, Nvidia’s GeForce Now library webpage is a handy resource. It offers a simplified search for the service’s extensive catalog of over 1,500 supported titles.

While the duration of this promotional offer remains unspecified, Google emphasizes its limited-time nature. To avail of this offer, Chromebook users can visit the “special perks” webpage.

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