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Google Pixel Tablet now at an all-time low price

Google’s Pixel Tablet presents an appealing choice for those seeking an Android tablet that can also function as a smart display when not in hand. If you’ve been contemplating a purchase, the current moment seems favorable: The 11-inch tablet is currently discounted to $399 at various retailers, including Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Google’s official online store. While there’s always the possibility of encountering better deals during Black Friday, this $100 reduction represents an all-time low. Notably, it’s $10 lower than the previous lowest price observed during Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days sale earlier this month. This offer is applicable to the base models with 128GB of storage. If you require more storage capacity, the 256GB versions are also available at a $100 discount, priced at $499. Google has confirmed that this promotion will be available until November 5.

In our review last June, the Pixel Tablet received a commendable score of 85, earning a place in our guide to the best tablets. While we acknowledge that it may not outshine our top Android pick, the vibrant Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, in terms of being a pure tablet, it boasts a competitive advantage due to its affordability. The Pixel Tablet is more than capable for activities like video streaming, gaming, and various casual tablet use cases. Its 2,560 x 1,600 LCD display offers crisp and vivid visuals, the Tensor G2 chip ensures swift performance, the 5,000mAh battery delivers all-day usage, and the device’s build quality is far from subpar. It’s important to note that, being an Android tablet, certain apps may not be as optimized for its larger display as they are on an iPad. Nevertheless, Google commits to providing OS and security updates for the device until June 2026 and June 2028, respectively.

The standout feature of the Pixel Tablet is its smart display functionality. The package includes a dock that not only charges the tablet but also includes a dedicated speaker. Placing the Pixel Tablet on the dock transforms it into something akin to a detachable Nest Hub Max. This configuration allows you to control and monitor smart home devices, access the Google Assistant, cast video content from your phone, display photos, stream music, and more.

However, some drawbacks remain: it lacks a headphone jack, the display is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate, and during the review process, there were a few software quirks encountered in the tablet’s “Hub Mode.” Nevertheless, overall, the Pixel Tablet cleverly combines the functionality of two useful devices. Additionally, several other Google devices are currently on sale this week, including the unlocked Pixel 7a priced at $374, the Pixel Buds Pro available for $119, and the indoor Nest Cam offered at $70, among other options.


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