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Google’s Gemini AI Delayed: Next-Gen AI Model Won’t Arrive Until 2024

Reuters Staff / Reuters

Google has decided to postpone its Google’s Gemini AI launch events originally slated for the upcoming week and has set a new timeline for the introduction of its GPT-4 competitor in January, as reported by The Information. The unveiling of Gemini was initially teased at I/O 2023, where it was presented as a foundational model with remarkable multimodal capabilities in its early training stages.

The company had initially planned a discreet launch between the holidays before the year’s end, a move not publicly disclosed. However, challenges with non-English queries reportedly hindered Gemini’s readiness, leading CEO Sundar Pichai to defer the release. Google’s Gemini AI aims to handle a diverse array of applications by integrating various data types, such as images and text, for more sophisticated tasks. Google assured in May that once fine-tuned and rigorously tested for safety, Gemini would be available in various sizes and capabilities.

Anticipated to enhance Google’s existing AI and AI-enhanced products like Bard, Google Assistant, and Search, Gemini’s release is of significant importance. Despite the already established dominance of rival OpenAI in the field, Google appears unwilling to compromise on the thorough refinement and testing required for Gemini, choosing not to hastily rush its release.

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