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Google Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Lengthy Web Content


In a stride to stand toe-to-toe with Microsoft’s AI Copilot in Edge, Google is piloting a unique feature in its generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE). Named “SGE while browsing,” this enhancement ventures beyond the typical confines of Search. It’s tailored to promptly summarize the crux of extensive web content, presenting a convenient way to grasp intricate subjects that otherwise demand thorough exploration. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that paywalled content is beyond the tool’s reach; it solely operates on freely accessible web pages.

As users navigate a page where Google’s AI can produce key points, an inviting “Get AI-generated key points” prompt appears, either at the screen’s base (on mobile) or on the sidebar (desktop). These summarized points are not merely static; they act as direct links to their respective sections in the content, facilitating immediate access. Moreover, an “Explore on page” feature outlines the primary queries addressed in the article. Currently exclusive to Google’s app on Android and iOS platforms, this functionality is poised to grace Chrome on desktop imminently. Users who’ve embraced the SGE experience will find this feature automatically activated, though it’s also accessible independently via Search Labs. As with experimental features, its trajectory might shift based on user feedback.


In another advancement, Google is gearing up to enhance comprehension around topics spanning STEM, economics, history, and more. Specifically, AI-driven responses are receiving a boost: hovering over particular terms will unveil concise definitions, complemented by related visuals or diagrams. This tool can seamlessly illuminate the AI’s answers, saving users from diving deep into unfamiliar territories.

Moreover, for coders open to leveraging AI for programming, Google’s enhancements to SGE come as a boon. Effective immediately, coding elements like keywords, annotations, and strings will be vividly color-marked in AI-generated code snippets. This visual augmentation ensures coders can swiftly analyze the AI’s suggestions and gauge their efficacy.

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