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Hyundai Enters the Digital Showroom: Amazon to Offer Online Car Sales


In the coming year, Amazon will enable users to add an entire car to their online shopping cart. The company revealed today its plan to introduce vehicle sales in the United States. The initial cars available for purchase will be from Hyundai, marking a partnership between Amazon and the automaker, with the possibility of more brands being incorporated later.

The process of purchasing a car on Amazon appears to be relatively similar to acquiring any other product on the platform. As outlined in an Amazon blog post, users will have the capability to search for vehicles in their vicinity based on model, trim, color, and features. Once a car is selected, customers can opt for either pickup or delivery to a local dealership and complete the transaction using the standard payment or financing options available on the site. The intriguing question arises: do Prime members receive free shipping for cars as well?

As part of the collaboration with Amazon, Hyundai is set to integrate Alexa into its vehicles starting in 2025. This integration will empower users to instruct Alexa to perform not only the typical tasks, such as playing music and setting timers but also seeking directions, providing traffic updates and weather reports, and managing the car’s media player and navigation system.

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